The History of the Tony Thwaites Wing

The University Hospital of the West Indies Private Wing —known affectionately as the Tony Thwaites Wing— is a 54 bed non-profit healthcare facility and is the private wing of the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), the largest public hospital in Jamaica and the largest teaching hospital in the region.

Although it is a privately run and managed company, the Tony Thwaites Wing was created by benevolent members of the private sector of Jamaica and generous individuals as a charitable organization and as such, profits from the Tony Thwaites Wing are used to support and upgrade the facilities and services at the University Hospital of the West Indies. Patients admitted to the Wing have access to a full range of health care services and one of the best intensive care units in the English speaking Caribbean.

The Tony Thwaites Wing was opened in 1990 and came to fruition through the generosity of several individuals and organizations who worked together to bring this unique charitable partnership between the public health and private business sectors to life. The Wing was named in honour of one of the men whose quiet encouragement inspired its completion, Tony Thwaites.

The vision for a Private Wing was based on a simple idea – people desire world class private health care without the expense and anxiety of travelling far from home, leaving family and friends behind. It is this, combined with a commitment to providing the highest standard of care that has made Tony Thwaites Wing second to none in the region and an excellent option for international patients seeking first class, affordable healthcare outside of their home countries.

The dedicated Board of Directors of the University Hospital of the West Indies Private Wing Ltd( Tony Thwaites Wing) is in charge of overseeing and directing all of the activities of the organization. The members of the Board of Directors are a diverse group of businessmen and women and physicians who volunteer their time and expertise to ensure regulatory and corporate governance standards are maintained at all times.


The mission of the Tony Thwaites Wing is to improve the health of our community and region by setting the standard of excellence in patient care. We aim to deliver innovative, high-quality, and cost effective medical and surgical services; and to provide an interdisciplinary continuity of care through collaboration with the University Hospital of the West Indies.


To be the leading healthcare facility and provider of choice, dedicated to service excellence and innovation by exceeding customer expectations, performance standards of our competitors and continually improving the quality and efficiency of our medical system and services.


EMPATHY: We treat all persons in the community that we serve with compassion, kindness and dignity

INTEGRITY: We act with honesty and fairness in the way we conduct our business and the way we live our lives.

TEAM SPIRIT: We value our colleagues as trusted and respected members of our healthcare team.

COMMITMENT: To provide the highest quality facilities, healthcare and services to promote wellness and improve the quality of life

PROFESSIONALISM: To attract and support physicians and health care professionals of the highest character and greatest skill

To operate interdependently with the UHWI to support multidisciplinary healthcare and to support the education and research development initiatives of the UHWI.