The New Wing and Operating Theatre Expansion

The Tony Thwaites Wing expansion project came about as a result of the need to meet the local demand from the UHWI physicians and Jamaican nationals to provide more outpatient services and private ambulatory operating theatre services to decrease the need to travel overseas; and to accommodate the demand for more beds due to an increase in patient referrals for specialist care from regional physicians.

ExpansionsThe Wing consistently has a population that includes patients from Jamaica, Cayman, Turk and Caicos, British Virgin Islands, Antigua, St. Kitts, Barbados, the USA, Canada and the UK. The new wing expansion project started in August 2009 and the patient rooms and the Endoscopy Procedure Room were completed in September 2011. The original wing has 29 beds; the new wing has 25 beds making the total number of beds 54.

The Endoscopy procedure Room opened in September 2012 and the New Operating Theatre was opened on October 10th 2012. The new Operating Theatre boasts state of the art medical equipment and operating room lighting that enables surgeons to have spectacular clarity of the surgical field. Tony Thwaites Wing is the only hospital in Jamaica to have this highly specialized operating theatre equipment.