Charitable projects for the University Hospital of the West Indies

Charitable projectsHistorically, as an affiliate of the UHWI, the Tony Thwaites Wing has demonstrated strong financial and fundraising support for the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI). The Wing has provided funding for some of the major and most viable projects over the years, including:

  • The fundraising project to build one hundred studio units to accommodate additional nursing staff.
  • The fundraising project to construct the Cardiothoracic and Neurosurgical Operating Theatres and  a second eight bed Intensive Care Unit.
  • The building of a covered link way from the Operating Theatres to the Radiology Department.
  • Renovation of  patient ward 10 at the UHWI to provide an 18 bed private facility for the UHWI Obstetric Department.
  • The building of a covered link way from UHWI Intensive Care Unit A to the main hospital.
  • Donation of Microscopes for the Neurosurgery and ENT Departments of the UHWI.
  • Donation of equipment for the Cardiac Catherization Lab at the UHWI.
  • Annual sponsorship of diploma nurses employed to UHWI to complete the BSN degree at University of the West Indies.
  • Annual sponsorship of UHWI nurses to participate in the  UHWI Intensive Care Unit Nurse Training Program.
  • Donation of funds to the Resurfacing of the UHWI Ring Road Project.
  • Ongoing sponsorship of Continuing Medical Education and Professional Medical Association Conferences.