Foot Care and Diabetes

If you have diabetes, along with watching your weight and exercise, you should pay attention to your feet. Often, it is the feet that “talk” to persons who have diabetes in an attempt to let you know that something is wrong. Over time, Diabetes may cause neuropathy or nerve damage which can lead to decreased or loss of sensation or feeling in the feet. The nerve damage caused by diabetes may start with the feeling of “pins and needles” or tingling as the circulation to the feet starts to decrease. Eventually, those sensations disappear and the feet begin to feel numb. This means you may injure your feet and not feel it, any cuts or bruises will go unnoticed and possibly turn into severe infections.

Tips for good foot care

  • Wash your feet with mild, non-deodorant soap
  • Inspect you’re the soles of your feet, toes and ankles. Look for any areas of redness, bruising or breaks in the skin. If you find any
    of these, make an appointment and see your doctor
  • Ask your doctor how you should clip the toenails and follow his instructions, be careful not to clip the skin and avoid leaving rough edges
  • Wear socks that protect your feet and shoes that fit comfortably to avoid blisters
  • If you are unable to do your own foot care, ask a family member or friend for help

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