Reduce the Risk of Zika

Keeping the Zika virus in check is of utmost importance to all residents and travelers to Jamaica. Reducing the risk for Zika is particularly important for pregnant women but should be a high priority for the population in General. These are some tips to not only reduce the spread of the Zik virus but also to limit your own chance of infection.

Reduce Mosquito Breeding Area

Reduce the occurrence of standing water around and inside your house. Make sure water in vases and flower pots are changed regularly to prevent the breeding of mosquito larvae. Outside your home puncture cans and other containers to prevent them collecting water. In cases where water cannot be removed pour gas oil in pools to kill mosquito larvae.

Insect Repellent

Use insect repellent especially after the sun has set to prevent mosquitoes from biting you.

Mosquito Net

Keep mosquitoes out of your room, day and night. If your room is not well screened, use a bed net when sleeping or resting. Mosquitoes can live indoors and will bite at any time, day or night.

Use a Condom

During sex, it is possible to get Zika virus from a person who has Zika. If you have sex with a partner who may have been exposed to Zika, you should use condoms the right way every time.

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